16 Giugno 2012 #LocationContest (English Version)

Salve #SardinianConnection

As some of you already know on the 16th of June 2012 there will be the #SardinianConnection Summer Party in Sardinia!

Anyone wishing to participate is welcome! If you feel part of the #SardinianConnection, pills if you are Sardinian, pharm adopted Sardinian or just a Sardinia lover, you are automatically invited to our party. Please just send us a message to let us know who you are and how many people you would be coming with.

We also need advice on where to hold this event. Tell us if you prefer that the meeting would be a #SardinianConnection lunch or a party, most likely we will be having a picnic, an informal and fun way to get to know each other!

We are open to any of your suggestions. We would like to find the most suitable place to give the chance to most of you to reach us from any part of Sardinia.

The ideas we had so far were to be able to find an area between Cagliari and Oristano, easily reachable by public transport to those arriving by train / bus.

Send us your ideas. If you know a particular place where we could organize the party, please write us on twitter @SardiUniti or send an email to twitter@sardinianconnection.com

We await your comments!

Grazie 🙂